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Painting and Decorating remains the most cost effective way to increase and/or maintain the value of your property. Painting and Decorating can also protect and beautify, hide exterior flaws, keep moisture out, improve indoor air quality, sanitize, prevent stains and peeling of existing paintwork.

There are an amazing amount of colours and finishes available nowadays that can update and enhance the style of your office, shop, factory or the most precious possession of all, your home.

'COLOURS FOR LIFE'  That's our motto. Let our friendly team of specialists bring some life changing colour to your surroundings. From the moment we take your call, we arrange a meeting and you're on the way to becoming another satisfied client.

Colour Scheme and Required Finish

First, we help you with a colour scheme and paint finish to suit your budget. We take our time to listen and understand what sort of objectives you are trying to achieve in a new paint job. 

Interior colours can make a room look bigger or smaller. Warm reds can make a room feel cosy or energetic blues for bathrooms. Lively yellows for kitchens and dark colours for media rooms or feature walls.

Exterior colours can be traditional or bold or earthy colours to blend in with the surroundings. Corporate colours can make your premises stand out and identify your business.

The world of colour is limited to the imagination but when a choice has to be made we have the experience to know what works so a decision can be made with ease.


Written Quotation

We will be happy to provide you with a free, carefully prepared, written quotation that sets out in detail the Scope of works, Colour scheme, Type of Materials, Terms and Price. We also state our high level of workmanship, warranty and we estimate the time needed to complete the job. On the acceptance of our quotation we arrange a suitable time to start.

Preparation: Stripping / Sanding / Priming / Sealing

Out with the old, then in with the new. A good decorator always starts with careful preparation of the surface to make sure that the new finish looks great and doesn’t deteriorate. Rubbing down walls and ceilings is tough work, but you can rely on the dedication of the 'Enterprise Painting Service' team to get the job done right: filling any holes and removing all loose material, so that your new look is built on a perfect blank canvas.

Interior Painting: Any paint / Any room

Tired-looking paintwork can make even a well furnished room look drab. Redecorating yourself is always an option, if you have enough spare evenings and weekends to commit to the job. A simpler, quicker option is to call in 'Enterprise Painting Service' with our reliable painters and decorators to take the task in hand. You’ll have the best results you could ask for, without any of the hassle.

Exterior Painting: Masonry / Woodwork

Whether it’s practical weather-proofing, or a bold and colourful statement, your exterior paintwork is an essential part of your property. Unfortunately, the work is often needed in difficult to access parts of the building; high walls, facia boards, or even on the rooftop. At 'Enterprise Painting Service' we have the training, tools and insurance to take on these tasks with confidence, so you can keep your feet comfortably on the ground.

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